“Every great band started off playing covers”

Seth Godin

Arbitrage exists when information in one market can be used to your advantage in another market before the general public are aware of the imbalance.

Arbitrage is perhaps most famously used by stock market and currency traders as they make advantageous trades based on the

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If you can describe the prospects problem better than they can, they will automatically and unconsciously ascribe you with the solution.

Eben Pagan

Last month, Google quietly rolled out a significant new feature to Adwords: SNDS. It is Google's answer to Search Advertisers who would like some of the extra benefits from display but can't be bothered building out and performancing Display Campaigns. It is also proof that Google continues to suffer from terrible naming syndrome.
In this TEDx talk, SEO Marcus Tandler looks at the history of Search and extrapolates based on what has happened up to now. Some great insights shared and for those reading between the lines, inside the future of Google Search lies the future of Adwords. How does this change your Adwords advertising?
Tim Ferriss famously used Adwords to split test the name of the book that would eventually become 'The 4 Hour Work Week'. While writing the book he ran a $200 Adwords campaign rotating 6 different ads each containing potential book titles, including ...

People want to be affirmed in what they already know. Instead of teaching something new, connect two things they already know in a way they’ve never connected before.

– Wyatt Woodsmall