Facebook Website Retargeting

We’ve seen more changes in PPC Advertising in the last 12 months than we have in the last 5 years.

Because of the rapid rollout of these changes, its easy for both agencies and clients to allow some of these marketing advantages to slip through the cracks.

So here are

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Truly worldwide democratisation of creativity
– April Greiman

Thank you for giving us the ability to make our art, easier, faster and more fun.

Thank you for leading us in demonstrating how technology could also be art.

Thank you for setting us up to look forward to

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Its not art the second time its done

Its possible to be a painter and not make art.

Art isn’t *what* you do.

Art is *how* you did it first.

  • How did you risk?
  • How did you break the rules?
  • How did you change the conversation?
  • How did you depart from what was expected?
  • How did you grace us?

Its not art if you paint the same painting over and over.

Its not art the second time its done.

No going first. No art.

An artist,

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In the Connection Economy, he who leads the tribe wins

The Industrial Revolution

In the Industrial Revolution, value creation (the asset) came from creating a system to maximise economies of scale:

  • Maximise broadcast (1 way), ‘interruption’ advertising
  • So we can sell more widgets for a higher price
  • The more we sell, the cheaper the cost becomes of each widget
  • Net result: we make more margin the more widgets we sell

Creating the system was hard.

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Your friends aren’t your target market.

“What will my friends think?” is the wrong question to ask.

The opinions that matter are the audience who follow you and love your work, the community you are engaging, the ones you have Called to Actualisation.


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Definition: Grace is receiving something you didn’t work for

In a digital world where authoring, distribution and even manufacturing costs are approaching zero, its tempting to produce content that is standard, expected, automated, cheap, systematised, process driven

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“As you grow, you become more and more of who you already are.”

Marcus Buckingham