What if you were the world’s fastest one hundred and five meter sprinter?

Industrial age thinking meant we all waited 4 years to direct the world’s attention to 1 event to find out who was the fastest to 100 meters.

But what if your combination of fast and slow

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“The first stroke is the hardest but the last is the most satisfying”

Painter’s Proverb

As kids we annoyed everyone with one word (apart from ‘no’!) that we used to say over and over again: Why?

It was annoying not just because we would ask it all the time, but that your answer to our first why was simply not good enough.

We had to go *at least* three

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“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”

Van Gogh

Charles & Ray Eames were designers of arguably the most famous furniture of all time. Their motto (clarifications mine) was to: “Create the best (products) for the most (people) for the least (cost)”

Its natural to not share your work until you’re finished – until its absolutely perfect.

Then you can call on all your fans and surely they’ll come, right?

Well …

Today social media has raised the bar regarding the potential relationship a brand can

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Marty, you’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally
– Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown

Humans have been created to live in community so its natural that we have tribal instincts – the need to belong and contribute to a community.

Two recent shifts that have

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