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“Adam was instrumental in helping Canon launch a World First product in Australia creating strong adoption and ongoing momentum. – KC Lu, Senior Marketing Manager, Canon”

Hi, I’m Adam Sugihto, founder of Intentional – a full service Google Certified Partner agency based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Paid Search & Display Advertising .

Since 2007, we’ve advertised online for global corporates in markets such as Prague, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Bangkok, New York and LA; as well as working with household Aussie name brands and solo freelancers to grow their reach in the domestic market.

In that time I’ve been personally engaged across the entire online marketing spectrum – from Search Engine Optimisation, Analytics and Digital Strategy to Direct Response Copywriting, Creative Art Directing & Account Management.

Let’s make Marketing That Matters

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For the past 12 months, a question from one of my mentors has dogged me:

How can you give away the most amount of value to the world?

This blog is my starting point at answering that question.

It is here where I’ll distill the best lessons, mindsets and quotes gleaned from over 7 years of digital marketing – into bite size takeaways that matter.

My hope is that the words contained in this blog will create *massive* value in your thinking, your marketing, your customers and ultimately your sphere of influence.

Let’s make Marketing That Matters!

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