With 2016 fast nearing its end, we took some time out to compile a list of a few of our favourite things here at Intentional this year.

Coffee: Padre – Daddy’s Girl. For those of you who like their coffee strong, Daddy’s Girl blend makes a killer latte. Plus in recent months has been a favourite via Aeropress too. Find it here. Meal: Crispy Eggs @ Mr Hendricks. In a year dominated by talk of the classic Smashed Avo, it was impressive to find a brunch spot doing something innovative that actually added to the flavour, not just being different to be different. Oh & guess which coffee they serve? Wine: 2014 Taylors Clare Valley Shiraz. Saying yes to a sommelier AirBnb guest might have made for some slow mornings for one of our Intentional team in 2016, but it also helped uncover an absolute gem. Not many bottles left out there now! Book: Team of Teams: General Stanley McChrystal. The marketing book of the year that has nothing to do with marketing – how the US military transformed their very DNA from being a war machine that fought one country to another, to becoming a decentralised team of teams that could respond to small terror cell insurgencies. The truths contained in here are eerily parallel for brands needing to change their DNA to market in a global, socially connected world. TV Show: Halt & Catch Fire. Movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Movie Soundtrack: In the heart of the sea. Album: 


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“If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.”

– Joseph Campbell

Everyone loves those little extra bonuses in life. Free upgrades, surprise gifts or unexpected perks put a smile on our face.

When it comes to digital advertising we like to structure our accounts to ensure we can deliver those extra bonuses 🙂

Search Network:

At the base

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Amidst the fallout of the VW scandal, what has surprised me the most, is not another a large corporation being caught out gaming the system - but the fact the VW fans are sticking by. Initially I thought this kind of global scandal would equal an immediate death, in the aftermath however speaking with multiple current owners and fans of VW, I no longer believe that. Ask a VW fan and they'll say ...

Brands used to spend the majority of the year in planning and creating, for 1 large scale execution that would reach the masses. For most brands this was make or break, all in or nothing.

Today, brands execute hundreds of small scale campaigns to reach a targeted audience

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The coming of age study profiled on Tuesday also included some incredible figures on multi screen activity in millennials: Using an average 5 screens per day, & 79% agree they mostly use a mobile device while watching TV The challenge for marketers is to now ...
Another day, another 4 letter acronym. F.O.B.O aka the Fear of Being Offline is rife in the next generation. A study asked 13-24yo across 13 countries ...