In this age of Content Marketing, we’re often asked by clients: “Should we outsource content creation?”

More often than not, the reason this question comes up is because a Search Engine Optimiser has put the fear of God into our client who is now scrambling to ‘catch up’ with competitors who have all been using content for SEO purposes.

Firstly, creating content for the sole purpose of SEO on the surface appears right, but is in reality another exercise in Gaming the System – a flawed motivation which only has a short arbitrage window of success, before the Google algorithm gets changed yet again and you now need to move onto the next marketing fad of the month.

Secondly but more importantly, your competitors are also most likely outsourcing their Content Creation as well (since creating content is hard – if it was easy it would have no value).

If everyone is outsourcing their content, then everyone begins to sound like everyone else, then why should anyone come to you specifically?

By outsourcing content creation, you’re destroying the very reason to have content marketing in the first place – that is, to attract, build and take your tribe on a journey of becoming over time, all outworked from your own, unique voice.

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Should we outsource content creation?
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  1. Using a template in my website
    Using a font for my logo
    Using an image service for the header for my blog

    These are all ways I’m outsourcing content. Why is text any different. I think that content CAPTURE is the real conversation. How do we DISCIPLINE ourselves to capture the video, audio and text that we are wiring all the time. For example, my comment here could be Cut and Pasted into my blog. Let’s try it.


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