March 24, 2015


In an assembly line, waste is expensive.

To increase profits, we need to cut waste thereby improving efficiency.

In a relationship, however, waste is valuable.

Consider two friends.

One only catches up with you when it fits into their schedule. Efficient.

The other drops what they’re doing and spends their time with you instead. Wasteful.

Wasted time (even if its the same amount of time) is received by us as having more value.

The danger for Brands then, is to take Industrial Economy efficiency and apply it to Connection Economy relationships.

If you waste time connecting with us, yes you may lose efficiency, but you become more valuable.

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  1. This is really good stuff. I’ve seen many friends @jeremywaite @davidbhagger and @dsimage “waste” their time on social media and make million dollar businesses out of them. They built trust and great content and now they own their niche.

  2. …correction twitter handle is @imageDS


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