Last year, Google launched Dynamic Search Ads or what we call zero keyword search ads. Here, instead of telling Google the user's search keywords you wish to show ads on (ie. the customer's query), you ask Google to scan your website and show ads based on who you are (your identity). Given the vast sum that Google already knows about the web ...
The other day my mum, the queen of random, asked me “Do I need a Fitbit? Everyone’s got one…” I began looking around and noticing that she was right, the tipping point of wearable tech has happened. Thousands upon thousands of people collecting data, daily, on how many steps (or swings of their arm) they are taking. We live in an age where there is a dizzying amount of data available to us - certainly as digital marketers, but now even as individuals. We collect data because we can, and even because it’s cool. The question now is - what do we do with this data?
Often when a new client engages us for Adwords search advertising, they usually engage an SEO agency at the same time. Simultaneously working on both paid and unpaid Search makes complete sense from a project management point of view, but from an SEO point of view, which keywords do you optimise your site for? This apparently simple question was made even more difficult since Google removed organic keyword results from Analytics ...
We've all done it before - googled something, liked the first search result, clicked on it... only to land on a page that was completely off. As a consumer, this process happens so quickly that we don't even pay attention to what just happened - we just search again. As an advertiser paying for Adwords ads, mistakes like the above cost dearly. To understand the problem, lets ...
For a company that makes its billions from advertising, the Google Grant is possibly the worst advertised marketing service available today. In summary, the Google Grant: * Gives Non-Profits $10,000 of free Google Search Ads every month * Has a maximum Cost Per Click bid of $2.00 (previously $1.00) * Can be upgraded to GrantsPro which provides ...
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I rarely do workshops as it takes me away from client work, but as a favour for close friends, Bruce & Jacquie Macintosh of the IT Department, I’ll be running a half day hands-on Adwords workshop as part of their NFP Experts Series.

Adwords Hands On Workshop.


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Adwords Call Conversions in Australia

Barely 3 months ago I wrote about Adwords Call Forwarding becoming available in Australia.

As useful as this was, there are several niches where users aren’t going to click the phone number in the ad before they’ve visited the website.

Now, Google have closed

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