“I know of a brewer who sells more of his beer to the people who never see his advertising than to the people who see it every week. Bad advertising can unsell a product.”

- David Ogilvy

“Today a phone is the new applause”

- Katy Perry on fans at her concerts

“The medium is not the message. The message is the message. No matter what media you’re in, content is what matters”

- Amil Gargano

“I warn you against believing that advertising is a science.”

- Bill Bernbach

“Always adapt your technique to the idea, never the idea to the technique”

- Bill Bernbach

“I get in trouble a lot, which is a choice I made a long time ago”

- Tinker Hatfield, Nike sneaker designer

Sometimes the best copy to sell a horse is, “horse for sale”.

- Jay Abraham