‘While we definitely have to care about technology, we only have to care about it in the sense of “how does it help solve the problems of the human condition?”‘

– Brian Walker, Herman Miller CEO

“Mobile is at the core of everything we’re doing. If we can’t make a story work on a 4-inch-by-2-inch screen, then it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t go further.”

—Wendy Clark, President Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America

“(Our work) is all about empowering the audience to help them achieve more… understand that its better to inspire and enable than to rely on pure desire.”

– Duan Evans, International Executive Creative Director, Akqa

“If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.”

– Joseph Campbell

“Art is advertising and advertising is art”

– Marissa Mayer

“The mission of my organization is to make meaningful connections between people and businesses.”

– Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s Senior Ad Engineer

“I build, design and improve human ecosystems through software”

– Reid Hoffman, Ex-PayPal COO, LinkedIn founder and Silicon Valley angel investor