July 16, 2015

Pen License

Back in the day, once a child could write well with a pencil, they would be given a Pen License, allowing them to now write with a pen.

Proving yourself in one media, made way for promotion to a new media.

In a similar way, the web has given marketers a new ‘license’ and a new media to create with.

The wasted opportunity occurs where we don’t exploit the unique benefits that this new medium offers – when we do the exact same thing with our ‘pen‘ that we did with our ‘pencil‘.

If we just do exactly what we did offline, but now bring it online, we’re squandering the arbitrage window that’s available to us – and leaving ourselves open to be disrupted.

The highest and best use of the web is to bring relationship to artists.

And for those artists to then take followers, over time, on a ‘journey of becoming‘.

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  1. So true. Note Seth Godwin’s view on technology always moving forward. Also top VCs predict by end of THIS decade 6 billion people will have a mobile. That’s a big new market.


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