Go to school, get a degree then get yourself a safe, secure job
– Mum and Dad

Safe, secure jobs existed for parents of Gen X and even some Gen Y folk – who experienced the golden years of an Industrial Age flush with money from cheap credit and soaring property prices.

This was:

  • before companies sent jobs offshore to take advantage of labour arbitrage.
  • before ecommerce allowed companies to put their distributors out of business by selling direct to the public.
  • before the world was trained up to pay for digital products just as we would for physical products.
  • way before the world learns to instantly download and 3D print their purchases.

No. What was a safe, secure job is now dangerous. Dangerous to keep trusting inĀ Industrial Age assumptions when in fact, the world has changed.

In the Connection Economy, making something remarkable and building yourself an audience is the new safe.

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