Last week, Google announced YouTube Red – the ad-free, paid subscription version of YouTube.

The free, ad supported version of YouTube will continue to run in its current form, making it the Freemium offering to the new Paid upgrade.

The underlying assumption of all Freemium models of course, is that advertising is bad, no one wants it and we would all be prepared to pay to get rid of it.

What if ads could be so valuable, so beautiful, that people would actually pay – to have the ads?

Its hard to think of today, but these, these and these were all ads at one point – now people pay hundreds of dollars to have copies of these ads in their homes.

We don’t even need to look abroad, as we too have some extraordinarily beautiful local ads well worth paying for.

You may be thinking “this is all well and good for Mid Century ads, but who in their right mind would pay for a digital ad today?”

To find out, we could ask the 100,000+ people who paid to download this public service announcement to own it on their phone.

It’s possible.

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