Arbitrage exists when information in one market can be used to your advantage in another market before the general public are aware of the imbalance.


Arbitrage is perhaps most famously used by stock market and currency traders as they make advantageous trades based on the sentiment at the close of one market before trading opens in another market.

Today, the world is phasing out of one ‘market’ – the Industrial economy.

At the same time we are phasing in a new market – the growing Connection economy, powered by an increasingly socially connected internet.

There exists, right now, a (closing) Arbitrage window of opportunity for those who are brave enough to take the leap from Industrial age jobs, thinking and safety, and position themselves at the forefront of this new, wild-west Connection economy.

The world has never seen an Arbitrage opportunity this big, made available to so many.

There has never been a better time to start, with so much upside and so little risk.

Today is your day.

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