Its not art the second time its done

Its possible to be a painter and not make art.

Art isn’t *what* you do.

Art is *how* you did it first.

  • How did you risk?
  • How did you break the rules?
  • How did you change the conversation?
  • How did you depart from what was expected?
  • How did you grace us?

Its not art if you paint the same painting over and over.

Its not art the second time its done.

No going first. No art.

An artist, then, is one who embraces a lifestyle of continually going first in breaking new ground for others to follow.

Art isn’t painting, but it can be.

On the flipside, accounting (or anything traditionally not seen as creative) isn’t art, but it can be.

In all your creating, create art.

The Connection Economy belongs to artists, not reproducers.

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