As different as Facebook, Google and most online platforms are, there is one thing that they all share.

In their own way, each platform exposes the long tail.

The algorithms behind these platforms filter out content that is merely ‘average’, ‘good’ or even ‘very good’.

What gets surfaced now are the outliers – the best, most extreme cases of excellence, weirdness, fun, bizarreness, generosity, even unfortunate fails, tragedy and shock.

This daily highlight reel of humanity is now our new normal.

As we scroll through our feeds or click through search results, we’re subconsciously deciding: “is this noteworthy or remarkable in some way?”, “has this pushed the boundary that just got stretched yesterday or have I seen this before?”, “is this new or is this merely a copycat?” etc

Every click, every day trains our WII-FM filter to let less and less junk through – we learn when we’ve been tricked into clicking and we won’t fall for the same trick next time no matter who it comes from.

Now that we are all spending more than 6 hours online every day, what these platforms are actually doing is collectively training us to recognise and curate art.

[bctt tweet=”The web is in fact the world’s biggest art school – and everyone online is being trained daily.”]

As time goes on, more and more power is going to keep shifting to brands who are artists as these will be the only voices that can cut through (surface through the algorithms).

Position yourself and aim to create The Best for the Least for the Most.

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