B Corp

Intentional is proud to announce we are a Certified B Corporation

This journey begun many years ago inspired by our B Corp clients Patagonia and Bellroy. While Intentional had always worked with social enterprise brands, these were generally isolated single cause brands like Thankyou, PARK SSC, or not for profits like IJM or Opportunity International Australia.

The idea of a community built around a common business set of values and standards was attractive to us as company that knew it didn’t have everything figured out and truth be told, Intentional wasn’t born out of solving an environmental or social cause – our heart was definitely to do no harm, yet we realised to live out our values to Steer Into Conflict a passive approach to do no harm wasn’t aligned.

While the certification process took a number of years – upon reflection many of those times were from our own imposter syndrome. We were lucky enough to be certified weeks before the Assembly event bringing all of ANZ/Aotearoa together for the first time in 5 years.

Through this event I learned and experienced how many businesses like Intentional were on a journey of improvement and that this was the heart beyond the movement – not to judge, not to compete but to live from a mindset of together we grow.

Our journey into B Corp has only begun and we’re excited to see the impact that it can have on our business, our team, our clients and our suppliers.

If you ever want to talk more about our journey please reach out!