Oct 21, 2015.

Die hard Back to the Future fans have been waiting for today – the ‘future date’ that Marty and Doc Brown travelled to – since the movie sequel was released in 1989.

The obvious questions circling around the interwebs have been regarding the technology – where are our flying cars and hoverboards?

As cool as these items were, they were actually just extrapolations of (then) current day Industrial Economy consumer goods.

What was completely missed as a future prediction in the movie, was the rise of global, interconnected relationship via the web (granted everyone in the future staring at an iDevice may not make for compelling movie making).

In a recent survey, 60% of 13-24 year olds stated they would give up their TV instead of their smartphone for fear of being offline.

I would hazard a guess that even if we had flying cars and hoverboards instead of TVs today, if given the same choice, the numbers would likely not be that different.

However cool Industrial goods are, its Connection that’s even more critical.

Maybe today hasn’t turned out quite like the future we thought we were going back to.

But one thing we can trust is Doc Brown’s perspective of our future.

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