Melbourne’s cafe scene is suffering from a first world hipster problem – all cafes are beginning to look the same.

So how does a new cafe stand out in such a sea of sameness?

Architect Justin Northrop observes: “The buzz some places need to justify their expense is prohibitive for places with no backstory”.

What’s happening in Melbourne’s cafe culture is a physical parallel of what is happening online in niche after niche… brands are beginning to look the same.

If your brand is finding it difficult justifying your place online, then Justin’s advice applies equally to the digital realm – build from your backstory:

  • Who started your brand? Who else was involved? What did these people believe?
  • Why is your brand called what it is? Who chose this name and why?
  • When did you brand start? What was the environmental context surrounding the start of your brand?
  • How old is your brand? What ‘dents in the universe’ has your brand already made?
  • Why did your brand start? What was the felt need that had to be addressed? Who were the people you were originally called to serve?

Staying true to your roots is a surefire way to be a unique, authentic voice in your market.

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