Before you pay for clicks: Step 2

Before you pay for clicks: Step 2

When we measure something, now we not only have a reality of where we are and have a goal of where we want to go… now we become Intentional

– John Maxwell

In this 10 part series, we are exploring simple steps you can take to get your digital house in order – before you start paying for advertising.

Last week in Step 1, we covered ‘Clarifying Your Business Objectives‘.

Now lets move on to Step 2.

Calibrate Your Measurement Platform

Here, we need to make sure your website Measurement Platform (MP), typically Google Analytics (GA), is setup and correctly tracking all traffic to your website for all unpaid sources – organic, direct, referrals, social media, even emails (if you’re already sending them).

Is each source being tagged correctly – at bare minimum, is ‘medium’ being tagged correctly?

Are each of your Data Sources clean?

Above: Note how each Data Source (source/medium) is being reported cleanly.

For example, if you do an email send, do you see a corresponding spike in traffic for website clicks from that email send? If not, you may not be tagging each traffic source correctly – email traffic may appear to GA that it is simply a direct or referral source.

Tip: Inside your Google Analytics -> View Settings, ensure ‘Bot Filtering’ is selected so you’re not including bot traffic as website visitors.

Now that you have defined your Calibrated your Measurement Platform, let’s now apply your Business Objectives to your website in Part 3: Before you pay for clicks.


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