Before you pay for clicks: Step 3

Before you pay for clicks: Step 3

In this 10 part series, we are exploring 10 steps you can take to get your digital house in order – before you start paying for advertising.

Last week in Step 2, we covered ‘Defining your Website Objectives’.

Now lets move on to Step 3.

Don’t measure what you won’t change

– Avinash Kaushik


Translate your Website Objectives into Goals and Audiences

Assuming you use Google Analytics (GA) as your Measurement Platform, now define your Website Objective Macro Conversions and Micro Conversions into Goals.

  • Macro Conversions. These are your Sales or Lead ‘success’ pages or events.
  • Micro Conversions. These are the interim signals on your website that inform you that a prospect has progressed further down your marketing funnel and has separated themselves from the ‘generic’ all visitors audience by displaying further interest. Such website actions might include ‘success’ pages after a user downloads a PDF or subscribes to a newsletter; or ‘success’ events like watching an intro YouTube video, or engaging in a LiveChat session.
3. Define your Goals

Above: Note how both Macro and Micro Goals are being recorded.

With the above information you’ll now know the high level performance of how well your website is doing ‘as a salesperson’. Once you have defined your Goals, you can now also define your audiences. Here you can define your AICD audiences and the rules for users to be segmented into these audiences:

  • A: All users
  • I: Watched Video or Viewed more than 3 pages
  • C: Engaged in LiveChat or Subscribed to Newsletter
  • D: Added to Cart

With this audience information you’ll now also know, not just the number of Macro & Micro-conversions, but also the movement of Micro-Conversions towards Macro. In other words – how effective your sales funnel is in progressing prospects further down.

Now that you have translated your Website Objectives into Goals and Audiences, let’s now make one extremely important but often missed tweak in Before you pay for clicks: Part 4.

Tip: Don’t measure what you won’t change

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