What’s the goal of your brand on social media?

  • Drive awareness and sales?
  • Beat competitor x in follower count?
  • Be ‘part of the conversation’?

From a classic industrial marketing point of view, all of these are the ‘right‘ answers, however these are byproducts of being social, not the goal.

In real life, the goal of any relationship is connection.

The same is true for brand-fan relationships on social media.

The primary question for brands then becomes: “How do we connect with fans and stay connected”?

If we are as fans are connecting with your brand, we’ll stick it out through thick and thin.

But if we’re not, no connection = unfollow/unsubscribe = no conversation, no awareness and no sale.

The Connection Economy is well and truly here and marketers now must be prepared to ask ourselves an unfamiliar question compared to one-way, broadcast days:

“Would you rather be right or be in relationship?”

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