‘Best Practise’ comes from the idea that there is ‘one best way’ to do things.

This works for closed Industrial systems – provide the right inputs in the right order to the right system and get the right output.

Marketing on the web however, is now not a closed, one-to-many industrial system, but an open, many-to-many human dialogue.

Such an open dialogue is not a closed system to be controlled, and therefore the premise that there is ‘one best way’ is flawed.

Because we Brands must now prioritise connection through dialogue, Best Practise is no longer about the ‘one best way‘ (system) but the ‘one best who‘ (identity):

* Who are we to be entrusted with this brand-fan relationship?

* Who are we to be taking people on a journey over time?

* Are we the ‘one best who‘ in our niche of niche?

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