“But I’m interested in so many things…”

We regularly chat with very talented, aspiring entrepreneurs and artists who are struggling to get started.

Their issue, they tell us: “is not that I don’t have any good ideas, but I have so many I don’t know which one to choose”.

In most cases, the subconscious question they’re really asking is: “Which choice will *get* me the most satisfaction/happiness/affirmation/<insert need here>”.

The problem with this thinking is that:

[bctt tweet=”… business happens when you *give* value – not when you get.”]

If you go into business to get, you’ve started climbing up the wrong ladder.

If you’re looking for the best place to get started, look not to the area that’s of most interest to you, but where you can give the greatest value.

“If you want to make a million dollars, serve a million people” – Peter Diamandis

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5 years ago

Great advice.