Glossary: Conversion Value

Glossary: Conversion Value


Conversion Value refers to the Dollar Value that each website Conversion point is worth to you.

This can come from either:

  • Transaction Revenue. Direct revenue figure as supplied by your Ecommerce platform, or
  • Goal Values. Dollar figures you assign to non Ecommerce Conversions

Macro-Conversion Values will typically be orders of magnitude higher than Micro-Conversion Values. For example, a website sign up (Macro-Conversion) may be worth $80 to your Brand, but an Individual Product View may only be worth $0.05.


Intentional Tip

Feeding appropriate Conversion Values for all Macro and Micro Conversions to our AI optimisation algorithms allows them to learn which conversions to prioritise – so they know to skew your best ad dollars towards targeting more likely to Macro-Convert.


At Intentional

Total Conversion Value = Sum of all Transaction Revenue + Sum of all Conversion Goal Value

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