The classic City grid sure makes it simple to give and receive directions – turn left here, turn right there, head north etc.

The problem is, humans don’t naturally walk and turn at right angles.

Parks, gardens and lawns the world over have well trodden ‘cow paths‘ beaten down by where pedestrians like to go – completely disregarding where Urban Planners actually want us to go.

The CBD grid is necessary for the nebulous masses.

But when someone has already decided where they want to go, they no longer need the grid.

As marketers, unless we’re Apple, most of us aren’t catering to the masses.

Rather than imposing hard-wired, right-angled, artificial turns that the masses must take to reach us, the Connection Economy allows us to find out where our specific target market is already going (their cow path), facilitate that journey and if we’re smart, take those people even further on their journey than they could ever have gone alone.

Don’t enforce a grid.

Instead, pave the Cow Paths.

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