If the only way to draw people to your brand is to constantly be on sale – you eventually won’t have a brand.

If you only ever talk to us about your daily, weekly or even monthly sales, eventually we will tune out, unsubscribe or unfollow you (assuming the algorithms haven’t already done this for us).

As brand trust is eroded over time, it gets harder and more expensive to reach fewer and fewer fans – the fatal downward marketing spiral.

This is death by a thousand sales.

There is another way.

Instead, race to the top.

Ignore the masses – return back to delighting your 1000 true fans.

Don’t have sales.

Realise you are now in the business of art.

Constantly create products and services so remarkable, so interesting, so risky, so valuable that fans must experience it for themselves – and charge accordingly.

Become the best brand for the least tribe for the most profit.

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