Its natural to not share your work until you’re finished – until its absolutely perfect.

Then you can call on all your fans and surely they’ll come, right?

Well …

Today social media has raised the bar regarding the potential relationship a brand can have with fans.

If you just call on us when you want us to buy, you’re asking fans to make a withdrawal from our relationship bank account.

That’s all well and good – but have you made any deposits?

In this Connection Economy, why not:

  • Share your creative journey with us before you’re finished?
  • Maybe keep us in the loop with your rough drafts, betas, early wins and work-in-progress?
  • Or perhaps engage us with the Meta – the stuff ‘about’ the work, the process, the dreams, the fears, the humanity that we all share?

Every update then becomes a deposit you make in our ‘relationship bank account’.

This way, when the time finally comes to sell your art and ask your fans for a withdrawal – there’s so much in our account, we can’t wait to make a withdrawal!

Don’t just call when you need us.

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