Drinking Connection

We blog a lot about marketing in the new Connection Economy we all live in today.

Typically we refer to this in the context of brands building genuine connection with fans and potentially even connecting fans with fans.

Kudos to the excellent SBS series Hipsters that crystallised an even more powerful and personal aspect of this Connection Economy:

… Connection with yourself.

All the hallmarks of hipsterdom are reactions against current transient, disposable, pop culture and technology and a yearning for an identity based on slower, simpler, more authentic values.

Embracing artisanal, craft beer that’s hand made ‘the old fashioned way’ means hipsters aren’t merely buying cool drinks, but are ‘drinking a connection’ to their own idealised self.

In this Connection Economy, its no longer a choice for you to genuinely and authentically connect with your fans. If you don’t, your competitors will.

But when you do, stand for something so great that when we ‘drink’ your product, we connect with our truest self.

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