Example of an Embedded Sitelink

Last week on July 7th 2011, Google announced a new Adwords format that continues the evolution of the Sitelinks Ad Extensions feature set.

Different to the regular Single-line and Multi-line Sitelinks that appear below Adwords ads, Embedded Sitelinks appear inline within your actual ad text.

How to use Embedded Sitelinks in Adwords

According to Google, in order for your ads to show Embedded Sitelinks:

  • The ad text must exactly match your Embedded Sitelink text, and
  • Your ads still need to be good enough to appear above organic search results,
  • Meaning that your ads must have a significantly better CTR and Keyword QS compared to on page competitors,
  • BUT, they must not meet one or more requirements for ‘regular’ Sitelinks (otherwise they’ll be shown with Single or Multi-Line Sitelinks).

Changes to writing copy for embedding

Assuming you already have Sitelinks being shown in your ads, incorporating Embedded Sitelinks now becomes an exercise in finding the right copy that are the subset of:

  1. Keyword Research,
  2. USP Landing Page/s, and
  3. Persuasive Copywriting

1. Keyword Research. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (& ‘regular’ Google Wonder Wheel and Related Search tools) to find relevant words around your main keyword that might be an additional ‘trigger’ for the searcher who sees your ad. Also look through your Website Analytics and/or Adwords ‘Search Terms’ data to find the complete text of the actual searches that potential customers are typing into Google.

2. USP Landing Page/s. Then consider the Unique Selling Proposition/s of what your product or service has to offer – and that you would like to appear as an Embedded Sitelink. Do these USPs have their own landing page? You will need to create them as each Embedded Sitelink will have its own destination URL. For bonus points, does the landing page have the same Title and Heading as the USP?

3. Persuasive Copywriting. Finally, a USP on its own might be good, but not persuasive so you may need to add some copywriting sizzle to the USP.

Once you have found the right copy that combines the best of all of the above – you’re right to setup your new Embedded Sitelinks under the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab in your Adwords Campaign.

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