We have one client who continues to confound us (in a good way).

As an agency partner, we’re the ones who are supposed to be offering services to them (which we do), yet time and time again, they end up serving us.

That client is the Thankyou Group.

Readers may recognise that in March we blogged (here and here) about an event that the Thankyou Group ran for corporate partners & suppliers. What we didn’t mention was that there was nothing in this for Thankyou. They had already brought the phenomenal Paull Young of Charity Water to Australia who had already spent time inspiring the Thankyou team – in any other organisation, this was already a success. Job done.

But no.

Thankyou went further and chose to open up their office, have their staff host an event and serve catering, all after hours, so that anyone who had contributed to the Thankyou journey could also benefit from Paull Young’s wealth of digital experience.

How much can these guys keep on giving (ie. adding value) to others?

Likewise this week, we met with Thankyou to discuss an upcoming campaign and they surprised us yet again by presenting us with a beautiful and totally unexpected ‘Thankyou’ plaque recognising and valuing our support to their organisation.

We know Thankyou are one of Australia’s hottest brands, but having journeyed with them over a number of years, we know this didn’t happen by luck, knowing the right people, good timing or even the ability to ‘go viral’.

They exist to allow Australians to ‘Live Everyday, Give Everyday’ – and these guys live it out themselves.

This brand is on brand, even behind the scenes when no one is watching.

Thank *you* Thankyou for serving the world, and somehow still, for making room to serve those who are here to serve you.

This makes no sense, but we’re thankful for you.

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