Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving week in an online marketers life has become the most manic 7 days we have. Even with being on the opposite side of the world to where the holiday originated from, Australian’s have well and truly adopted the rituals of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.

In fact the reality is now that more money is spent from advertisers and customers over this weekend, then over the Boxing Day sales.

However, sadly we have not adopted the most important element of this week. The act of stopping what we’re doing, to celebrate a meal with those we hold dearest, showing gratitude for what we have and giving thanks.

Somewhat in contrast is the mindset of Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. It becomes about ‘getting’ & ‘acquiring’, rather than ‘giving’ & ‘receiving’. Becomes about us. What I want to achieve as a brand, what I got as a customer.

It’s now widely understood the positive impact that gratitude can have for your own outlook on life. (It’s only taken us 2000+ years after it was originally put forward, to popularise this)

Less understood is the positive impact that gratitude and generosity can have for your brand. Sure monetary gifts are always welcomed by customers.

What if you banked all the discounts and free shipping codes this weekend, and pooled that into showing gratitude and generosity to your 1000 biggest fans instead. What would happen? Do you even know who your 1000 biggest fans are?

How are they using your brand? What does your brand mean in their life? What if you hosted a meal to find out? To celebrate your customers, to say thanks.

What if instead of investing in agnostic influencers, you invited your disciples to design a limited edition & release this at full price? How about collaborating with other brands your customers love to create something special?

It’s hard to stop, pause & reflect. Even harder still to choose not to chase after the short term gains that this week offers for brands. Even harder again to advise someone to not capitalise on the mindset this weekend!

But I believe there-in lies the opportunity for brands to embrace the harder choice, to get to know their customers, to delight them and give thanks.

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