Content Keyword targeting, originally known as Contextual Keyword targeting, was the original targeting type for the Display Network. Here, Google takes the keywords that you define and uses its indexing database to target related web pages and apps that are part of the Display Network.

In this case, you are making an assumption that as long as the web pages and apps are relevant to the Contextual Keywords you define, that visitors will likely be interested in your offer.


Intentional Tips
  • We call this kind of targeting – “following the content”. Here you don’t know anything about the user, only what web page or app content you want ads to show on. As we are targeting specific placements that contain your keywords, you can improve Content Keyword results by negativing irrelevant Display placements that were matched poorly.
  • Unlike Search, there is no keyword match type for Display – all Content Keywords you define are broad match. This is disastrous for ill-considered Display Network campaigns, so (again, different to Search) ensure you include at least 3 or 4 similarly themed broad match keywords in each Display Network Ad Group so that Google’s algorithm matches to the meaning of the keyword you have in mind – and not a different meaning of the same word.
  • Content Keyword targeting typically represents the bottom to middle of the Display Network funnel
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