Glossary: Conversions

Glossary: Conversions


Conversions are important milestones that signify to you that visitors on your website have taken actions that you want them to take.  

Ordinarily, Brands’ main aim for website visitors is to make one Macro-Conversion.



Macro-Conversions are the ‘big ask’ we make of our website visitors and can be broken down into one of two categories:

  • Transactions. Where we have an Ecommerce capability, typically the ideal end point of a website visitor is to have them purchase a product/service online in an Online Transaction. Here a Transaction Macro-Conversion is triggered by the Ecommerce cart successfully charging the customer for payment.
  • Goals. For more service oriented businesses, the ideal end point of a website visitor may be to sign up for a Quote or Demonstration. Here a Goal is triggered when the user successfully submits a form requesting the aforementioned Macro-Conversion.

However, recognising that not every visitor is ready to buy now, intentional Brands will also setup and track several Micro-Conversions.



Micro-Conversions are smaller progress indicators that signify to us that a visitor is progressing down the Marketing Funnel. The type of micro-conversions we setup are more specific to each website but can include things like (but not limited to):

  • Subscribers. Successfully subscribed to our Email Newsletter,
  • Watchers. Watched our introductory YouTube embedded video,
  • Downloaders. Downloaded our PDF Whitepaper
  • Added to Cart. Added a particular item to their Shopping Cart
  • Category Viewers. Viewed a Product Category page
  • Individual Product Viewers. Viewed a specific Product Page
  • Cart Abandoners. Loaded their Cart but did not complete purchase


Intentional Tips
  • In a world of AI and Machine Learning, the more signals we can feed to our algorithms, the more fine tuned our optimisations can be. Today, Brands should aim to have as many Micro-Conversions (with significant conversion volume) as they can.
  • Since we measure all Macro and Micro Conversions, if you are primarily interested in measuring the number of specific Macro-Conversions, ask to get those specific Conversion numbers included in your monthly report.


At Intentional

Total Conversions = Sum of all Macro-Conversions + Sum of all Micro Conversions  

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