Glossary: Remarketing

Glossary: Remarketing


Remarketing refers to the ability to target users who have already interacted with your brand – whether that is having clicked an ad, been to your website, subscribed to your email list or even if they have called you.

Once you have aggregated these users into appropriate audiences, we can then Remarket to them with the best practise of showing segmented ad creative relevant to their most recent brand interaction. For example, if someone has just downloaded a whitepaper, show an ad that takes that person to the next step in their customer journey.


Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing takes the idea of Remarketing further by incorporating Dynamic Tags (best implemented with a Tag Management solution). This allows highly granular, but fully automated ad creative, a classic example being showing a Shopping Cart Abandoner an ad with the exact item that they left in their shopping cart, potentially with an extra discount to lure them back to complete their transaction.     


Intentional Tips
  • We call remarketing “following the cookie” (In other words, we are targeting the user – no matter which webpage they are on). When following the cookie, there is no point attempting to improve results by negativing Display placements because it is not the placement we are targeting. As long as you are targeting the right person, you are not concerned with what website they visit (the clear exception here being Content Exclusions).
  • Remarketing and especially Dynamic Remarketing typically represents the very bottom of the Display Network funnel
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