Glossary: RLSA

Glossary: RLSA


A terrible acronym, but a powerful feature, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) are the ability to overlay lists to your Search targeting in order to bid differently for members of those lists.

A typical example might be to overlay your website Remarketing List over your Unbranded Search campaigns so that if anyone is still searching on keywords you are buying *and* they are part of your website Remarketing List (ie. they have visited your website recently), you might want to bit higher since these people would have a higher propensity to convert.

Despite the name, RLSA isn’t restricted to just Remarketing however. You can also add bid modifiers for several kinds of overlay audiences:

  • Your YouTube channel audiences
  • Customer Match audiences
  • Similar Audiences


Intentional Tips
  • Never use Similar Audiences of audiences that are already broad, eg. Website Visitors. Rather, use Similar Audiences of tight knit audiences ie. ‘Similar to Buyers’.
  • Not always the case, but often *excluding* certain Audiences (instead of overlaying) can remove a lot of waste from your campaigns ensuring greater relevance. Typically excluding ‘Buyers’ helps reduce waste of advertisers of products/services that do not have multiple repeat purchases.  
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