Were one purveying one’s Facebook feed in recent moons, one may have been privvy to the pronouncement of Lindeman’s newest wine brand, the Gentleman’s Collection.

With the Gentleman’s Collection marketing, Lindeman’s have identified a problem with their target market – confusion over what it means to be a gentleman in 2015 – and created a content series that takes millenial males on a tongue in cheek journey of becoming, all the while being authentic to the founder’s 1843 story of ‘civilising a colony’.

Hat tip to Lindeman’s on the splendiferous execution – this content potential in this series is endless and is perfect for rallying a tribe, that can grow even stronger the longer the campaign runs, and doesn’t lose interest after someone has purchased the product – keeping the brand top of mind and perpetually relevant for sharing.

Brand owners, TWE, stated that the Gentleman’s Collection will be their largest ever global launch for a wine targeting young men. How can they justify the marketing spend for such a large launch? Where Lindeman’s wines normally retail at the $10 mark, the Gentleman’s Collection will retail at double, $21.

Round of applause to Lindeman’s for delivering the Best for the Least for the Most.

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