Its been fascinating watching the SBS series Hipsters, which documents the origins of this subculture of beards, tattoos, fixies, craft beer, specialty coffee and Paleo diets, among other peculiarities.

Behind every one of these outward manifestations is the silent cry to be an authentic individual (despite the paradox that Hipsters are pretty much the same the world over, exposing the real need – to belong).

Like every trend, the Hipster subculture will come and go, however what will not is this deep internal yearning for authenticity, individual expression and belonging.

Brands that will win in such a culture must firstly themselves be authentic and individual – Hipsters will see through being ‘sold’ a facade since this is what the subculture is reacting against (hence the need for Brand Backstory).

Secondly, since this generation are so overtly crying out for something authentic and individual to believe in and belong to, brands that will win online are those that rally and muster their tribe on an authentic journey of becoming.

Connecting the dots, this means Brands must have an answer for the question: What do we believe?

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