Hot off the press: Native Facebook Website Remarketing

Hot off the press: Native Facebook Website Remarketing

Less than 30 days ago I wrote about my top 3 new PPC advertising opportunities for 2014.

Now I’m going to have to add another:

* Photo Credit: Andrew Feinberg; via Compfight

Native Facebook Website Remarketing

Website remarketing in and of itself is old news for Adwords Display Network users – it has been around since 2010.

Even Facebook website remarketing has existed for a while now – however advertisers previously had to go through a 3rd party Facebook Exchange Partner (FBX) like Adroll, who added their margin to your advertising costs.

Well in the last 30 days, Facebook has now rolled out Website Remarketing – available native inside the Facebook Ads Power Editor, and yes, in Australia!

The ability to now remarket on Google’s Display Network *and* Facebook will definitely be a game changer for almost any category of business.

If Facebook keeps adding killer features like this to their ad platform, this could very well be the year that Facebook becomes Google’s serious contender for digital advertising dollars.

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