If you are advertising on Google Adwords and your Adwords Account Manager doesn’t fully understand this YouTube, then you are throwing money away. Guaranteed.

In all of my years in Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising and Adwords Consulting, this is simply the best 9 minutes I’ve ever spent.

This video is created by Google and features their Chief Economist, Hal Varian explaining how the bidding, auction and ranking system works for your Google Ads.

Some of the benefits for those who fully understand and act on the implications of this video include:

  • No longer having to pay the highest cost per click for #1 Google Ad positions, and even
  • Paying a cheaper price than your competitors are – and getting higher ad positions for your efforts
  • The freedom to bid higher without paying more than you are now

Ultimately, this video really helps in understanding the balance of how to think about your Adwords account to attract quality customers AND be rewarded by Google.

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