How to do Content Marketing

No matter where you turn in digital marketing today, the current flavour of the month is ‘Content Marketing’.

Curiously, Content Marketing is not new at all.

Readers have been offered valuable free content for decades, from sponsored editorials to classic Ogilvy long copy print ads back in the 60’s – certainly, well before digital.

So why is Content Marketing such a buzzword today?

The main reason is that Content Marketing is simply the next digital ‘hack’ marketers must now use to game the system since their previous hacks no longer work. This follows in a tradition of hacks that have included techniques like keyword stuffing, sourcing backlinks from linkfarms, using exact match domains and buying followers, likes, comments and shares.

Each time such hacks become mainstream, the algorithms eventually adjust to render the hack worthless – or worse still even penalise brands that use it.

So in this environment, how can we create Content that won’t be filtered out of the algorithms?

In the Connection Economy: “He who leads the tribe, wins”.

Here, Content serves Connection – between brand and fans (& even fans and fans).

In such an environment, you’ll be rewarded over the long term if your Content leads fans to become someone greater over time.

In other words, its not about Content Marketing.

Think Connection Marketing.

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