In an Industrial Economy, we only needed to be hunters.

Target the right prospects for our product/service, capture them with attractive bait – and the hunted is now ours.

This was in a time when attention was concentrated through limited channels, products were scarce and the world wasn’t connected.

Now that attention is massively fragmentedconsumers no longer need ‘stuff’, and the world is social – hunting is just not enough.

Our prize catch today can just as easily be targeted by another hunter fairly easily.

What’s hard is to keep our prize catches wanting to stay in our tribe over time – weeks, months, even years. (By doing this, we bring down our cost of acquisition, we increase LCV and therefore increase profitability the longer our tribe runs – all at lower risk).

What’s hard today isn’t hunting, but nurturing.

Today we need to be Hunter Gatherers.

You probably have a Hunting Plan – but what’s your plan for Gathering?

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