In times gone by, (ala #backintheday) each village contained specific roles for each member of that community to become a master of.

The blacksmith, the farmer, the baker, the fishmonger, the painter – you were assigned one of these roles, typically inherited, performed your duties, then traded the goods in your art for the outputs of other masters.

In today’s world, we are no longer assigned roles but have the freedom to choose.

What do each of us do with this freedom?

With abundance of choice, shiny object syndrome and YOLO as this generation’s catchcry, we have an explosion of ‘Jacks’ and very few ‘Masters’ (or Masters in training). This explosion of citizen photographers, food critics, fashion experts, fitness guides etc. are for the most part unwittingly caught in a race to the bottom.

This doesn’t mean don’t enter the race, but it does mean stay in *your* lane and with a firm view to race to the top.

How to do that?

As Kevin Kelly put it “do what only you can, not what anyone could”

Finding a niche is no longer enough, passion will lead you to a niche of niche that you can be master of like this baker, photographer and jewellery maker.

Once again, provide the Best for the Least for the Most.

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