Since getting my first email address 20 years ago, I’ve subscribed to hundreds of email newsletters across all kinds of niche of niche topics.

Of all of these, there has been only one that I read daily and stay subscribed to: Seth Godin.

In considering about why I’ve stuck with him compared to countless others I boil it down to these things:

  • Keep ’em guessing: I can’t tell what each email is going to be about from the headline alone. In an age where most marketers are unwisely using short term formula (“3 ways to “, “What this person did next will shock you …”) headlines to game open rates, Seth has trained me such that I must open every mail and make the decision to read further or not (and thus fulfils the purpose of headlines anyway).
  • Be Human: Seth shares his thoughts like a person. I can almost imagine his voice as I’m reading each post. He’s not always right and I don’t always agree, but that doesn’t mean I stop following him. He’s human.
  • He’s an Artist: Whether on his blog, with his books, or even side projects, Seth has continually innovated and broke new ground in his art of thought leadership.
  • Easily digestible: Each email has no fancy graphics, no waiting time to load, is text only and I can read it on my smartphone in a 1 minute micro-break.
  • Leads by example: Time and time again, Seth would write about a marketing principle – then use that very principle on me… and it would work.
  • Calls to Actualisation: I have literally become a different person by reading, considering and applying his thoughts.
  • Drip, drip, drip: Seth doesn’t even attempt to teach everything at once, he’s taught me drip by drip, post by post, in relationship over years.

No doubt, in reading this blog, if you also know Seth, you will recognise his style which has influenced my thinking, and naturally my writing.

Which makes me curious… who have *you* followed for years and why do you still follow them?

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