As the world continues to progress, consumers are climbing ever up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Rarely are we providing goods or services today to meet physical or personal safety needs – smart marketers aim for the next tier up, speaking to our need for love, belonging & self-esteem.

But the brands who are positioned well in today’s Connection Economy transcend even these needs to enable us to Make Believe.

They go further than make us feel good about ourselves when we buy, or even make us feel part of an exclusive tribe.

They take us to a place where we rarely go, that’s beyond ourselves.

These are brands who, time after time, Make us Believers

That magic is real.

That the impossible is possible.

That everyone else’s finish line was too short.

That if they can change the world, maybe, just maybe, we can too.

How can you push your art forward to help us Make Believe?

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