Manual or Auto?

Possibly the biggest recent buzzword in the online marketing world has been programmatic advertising.

Programmatic is to advertising what derivatives are to investing – holding the promise of super leveraged returns at the expense of needing to be driven by rocket scientists.

The problem isn’t that marketers now have programmatic advertising, the problem is marketing doesn’t attract rocket scientists.

For this reason, programmatic is problematic.

Just like in the GFC, everything is all roses when times are good, its only when the poo hits the fan that participants realise no one really knew what was going on – fancy acronyms, techno jargon and super leveraged investment is a potential house of cards ready to come tumbling down.

Before you look at automating any of your online advertising, make sure you can do it manually – that you understand cause and effect, setting and attribution, digital marketing first principles.

Sure – drive an expensive automatic, but first earn your stripes by thrashing a cheap manual.

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