Maria Montes:
Talk + Birthday Giveaway

For over a decade, we’ve been the specialist online ad agency secretly powering some of Australia’s leading brands online.

Watch Maria’s entire Talk

Click Play, above, to watch Maria’s very vulnerable, raw and unedited Closing Address in its entirety.

Over the years, we’ve been so single mindedly focused on advertising others, we practically never stop to advertise ourselves – but we figured that Ten years is definitely a milestone worth pausing for, reflecting on and celebrating!

As part of our 10th Birthday Celebration, we invited Maria Montes to share a closing address – in keeping with our theme of ‘What can you do in ten?’, Maria has a wonderful (& very funny!) journey of her pursuit of creative excellence.

More than that, Maria has been a friend of Intentional’s for almost our entire ten years.

Introducing Maria Montes

I craft identity systems and emotionally charged visual language involving display type, logotypes, monograms, patterning, packaging, and digital assets among other crafts

Maria Montes

Maria is one of a handful of typographers & letterers in Melbourne, collaborating on brand identity with Nike, McCann, Charlie’s Cookies & The University of Melbourne amongst others.

Watch our entire 10th Birthday Replay

If you enjoyed Maria’s Closing Address, then you’re going to love our entire 10th Birthday Event.

Working across Melbourne & Barcelona for over 19 years, she has been a keynote speaker at design events in Australia and overseas for Adobe, Type Paris, Typism and The Design Conference.

She is perhaps most well known for her ‘Shit series’ but most proud of her work on her own custom typeface called ‘Green Fairy’.

Watch Maria’s inspiring closing address as she shares her very vulnerable 10+ year journey of mastering her craft and discovering that ultimately Good $h*t Takes Time.

Download Maria’s (free!) birthday gift pack

Not only did Maria do an exceptional job in closing out our 10th Birthday Event with her heartfelt (& very funny) talk “Good shit takes time”, but she has very generously chosen to give all guests a free digital ‘Love Pack’ of some of her work including:

Your turn

Time to get Intentional?

We exist to help your Brand convert its full potential online.

For our 10th birthday, Intentional has been celebrating what can be achieved in Ten Years. We’ve collated our top ten lessons from ten years working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

What about you? What can you see happening in the next ten years?

What will you do #InTen?

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