Microphones and Megaphones…

A microphone has limited reach.

Usually confined to a room of people who know you or know of you and have chosen to listen. They want to hear what you are saying – loudly and clearly.

A megaphone can expand far beyond a room.

It can reach everyone, people don’t need to know who you are for them to hear you. It can be harder to hear the message clearly and it is easier to walk by and ignore what is being said.

The Industrial Economy taught us to use a megaphone…

To choose an impersonal message and broadcast to the masses – requesting action.

But what happens when everyone is speaking through megaphones?

The Connection Economy has handed us a microphone…

To adapt our message into a story so compelling that your audience can’t ignore you and – are inspired to share what you have to tell the world.

The next time you have something to say, will you choose the megaphone or the microphone?


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