Television has a beginning, middle and end. Digital has no real end. What it becomes is another part of the idea – you can nudge it and iterate but you can’t think of it as this contained thing – David Droga

The traditional TV ad is a story arc with a beginning, middle, and end in a 30-second spot – designed to interrupt people with a quick one way message.

The ability digital now gives us to be connected over time fundamentally changes what an ad can look like.

Instead of crafting a finite ‘end’, the beginning and middle of a digital ad now setup an open invitation for the audience to engage further and deeper in two way conversation – via comments, shares and even audience participation. Brands can then pivot and iterate the campaign based on the feedback and engagement provided by the audience. In this way, the ‘end’ is now co-owned by your audience as your tribe does what it wants, how it wants with your story.

Advertising changes from being one constantly repeated 30 second clip into a living organism that your brand gives birth to, but is matured and made richer over time in collaboration with the audience.

Depending on the story, it never has to end.

The challenge is to find a story that your audience gladly wants to jump on.

HT Think with Google interview with David Droga

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