Thanks to the Long Tail, going niche of niche is no longer an option

The Long Tail

The magic of Google is that it exposes and gives easy access to the long tail of human activity.

The long tail has always existed, of course, but previously the barriers were far too high to find the answer to that obscure problem that only a handful of other people on the planet could possibly be asking.

For the consumer, the long tail has raised expectations to keep narrowing our search until we find *specifically* what we are looking for.

For the marketer, the long tail means that even niching down to a specific subject like dSLR filmmaking is still a very crowded space with hundreds of global competitors.

To effectively lead a tribe we need to niche down yet again to something even more specific, say anamorphic dSLR filmmaking.

Its no longer good enough to find a niche.

We now need to find a niche of a niche.

Yes, but how?

In positioning your brand, the question then becomes what do you go niche of niche on?

Here you have four choices (well, three if you don’t have deep pockets):

  • Niche Up: For those with a serious bankroll, become the next Amazon and choose to own the entire market
  • Niche Down: Choose a smaller subset of your subject matter to further specialise in (a la our ‘anamorphic dSLR filmmaking’ example)
  • Niche Across: Choose an attitudinal approach to your subject matter (like how Chris Guillebeau owns the ‘unconventional travel tips’ niche of niche)
  • Niche Together: Merge two or more niches – the unique combination then becomes its own niche of niche (like how Craigmod writes on the ‘intersection of traditional book publishing and the digital era’).

Thanks to the Long Tail, going niche of niche is no longer an option.

That said, going niche of niche of niche may be cutting it a bit too fine.

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